Morning Goods

Morning Goods

Chelsea buns – soft sweet dough with raisins lavished in a golden syrup finished with either sugar or icing and flaked nuts

Swiss buns – sweet bread topped with icing or 100 & 1000’s a childs favorite

Tea cakes – a pack of 4 sweet buttery bread with succulent rasins

Face Doughnut – a soft strawberry jam filled doughnut finished with a smiley face

Jam doughnut – a sweet soft doughnut with strawberry jam and spinkled with sugar

Apple doughnut – a succulent doughnut filled with real apple and topped with white icing

Large iced ring doughnuts – 10cm soft doughnut finished off with a choice of icing

Cream bar doughnut – luxury sweet long doughnut filled with synethic cream and a swirl of jam

Yum yums – a hand twisted doughnut with fondant topping and chocolate swirls

French Pastries

Crisp light crossiants and pan au chocolate available in large or small sizes