Scones and Pastries


Traditional scone mix with either juicy raisins, cheedar cheese, glacier cherries or plain and simple brown or white

Fresh Cream

Pastries filled with generous pipped swirls of cream and carefully hand finshed by our dedicated confectioners.

Apple Turnovers and Tarts

Apple turnovers – light puff pastry filled with real apples

Egg custard – 4” short crust pastry tartlet filled with traditional egg custard mix

Gypsy tart – 4” short crust pastry tart filled with a light but rich mouss

Danish Pastries

Sweet pastry with assorted fillings including cherry, apple, almond/cinnamon & sultanas, custard & flaked peanuts, apple/raspbertry topped with flaked peanuts and all carefully iced. Always a favorite available in large and small

French Pastries

Crisp light crossiants and pan au chocolate available in large or small sizes