Product List


Large white:

Farmhouse, tin, sandwich, bloomer, cob or greek


Small white:

Tin, farmhouse, cottage, bloomer, cob & greek


Large brown:

Farmhouse, sandwich, bloomer, cob & greek


Large stoneground 100%

Farmhouse & sandwich


Small brown:

Farmhouse, greek & stoneground


Large granary:

Farmhouse, sandwich & bloomer


Small granary:

Tin, cob & bloomer


Rye bread;

Large bloomer (no seeds) & small bloomer with caraway seeds


French bread:

White, brown & granary French sticks

White French full length & demi baguettes

Brown demi baguettes


Roberts retail & catering

White medium, thick & extra thick

Brown medium & thick

Wholemeal medium & thick

Malted medium, thick & extra thick

Small white & brown sliced


Speciality bread

Small & large ciabatta

Small: olive, muesli, tiger, Kansas sunflower, cheese & greek, rye, brioche

Large: olive, gi (glycemic index) Mediterranean, rye & greek



White, brown or granary:

crusty, knots, gi, scotch, soft, cocktail, bridge, cheese topped, torpedo’s 6”/9”, baps 4”/5” poppy/sesame seeded or floured (more on request)


Part baked

mixed box of 60 uni rolls (tomato & olive, onion, gi, white/poppy seed, brown/sesame seed, granary baps)

box of 40 part baked granary



(30 x 26cm) white & brown demi baguettes

(28 x 58cm)  white full-length baguettes

panines (x30)

ciabatta (x30)



morning goods

crumpets (x6), fruit loaf, swiss bun, Chelsea/iced Chelsea buns, Belgian buns & teacakes (X4)



yum yums, jam, apple, kids smiley face, cream bar, custard bar, large (5”) 100 & 100’s, white iced, yellow iced, sugar & chocolate ring


Dairy cream cakes

Éclair, slice, puff, Belgian bun, swiss bun, scone, apple turnover or doughnut.

Also available in cocktail size as a 5” sponge or swiss roll


Synthetic cakes

Éclair, Belgian bun, slice, puff, swiss bun & apple turnover


Danish pastries

Chocolate/walnut, apple/raspberry, cherry, apple nut or almond

Available in cocktail size



White and brown, cherry, fruit, plain or cheese and rock cakes


French pastries

Croissants & mini size, pan au chocolate & mini SIZE


Individual cakes

Apple turnover, eccles, custard tart, bakewells, custard slice, strudels (apple or cherry & custard),




Oat, Cherry, Chocolate, Almond & Raspberry



Brownie, carrot, caramel, lemon & almond, toffee, millionaire, wellington, chocolate & white chocolate crunch



Vieneese, gingerpeople (smartie, babes & footballers) dutch shortbread, kids face biscuit & cookie (smartie, chocolate, white cocolate & double chocolate)


Large cakes

Swiss rolls:

jam, jam & cream, chocolate, apricot & cream)

Lb cakes/loaf cakes:

lemon, cherry, farmhouse, battenberg, date & walnut or ginger

10” round cakes:

Victoria, chocolate fudge, carrot, lemon or coffee & walnut

Best genoa, Madeira, 5” sponges, 4lb fruit cake and celebration cakes 8”-18”


Round Fruit pies 7” & 10”

Apple, black cherry or apple/blackcurrant


Brownie, tiffin, marbles crunch, torten, duchess, traditional flapjack, strawberry shortbread, lemon curd shortbread, cappuccino millionaire, milk chocolate millionaire or cherry bakewell



Sausage rolls 2”/4”/6”, Cornish pasties, pies (chicken, steak & kidney or beef & onion), cheese & bacon, cheese & onion, quiche 10”/7”/4”